Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is divided into two kinds of ordinary hot soluble cold water instantly soluble. Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose uses are:

HPMC Types and Function

1.Gypsum series

In the gypsum series of products, cellulose ethers mainly use to retain water and increase smoothness. Together they play a certain alleviating role. It addresses concerns about drum cracking and initial strength during construction and extends the working time.

2.Cement products

In putty, cellulose ether is mainly used for water retention, adhesion and smoothing. It prevents cracks and dehydration caused by excessive water loss, and together. They enhance the adhesion of the putty, reduce sagging during the construction process, and make the construction go smoothly.

3.Emulsion paints

In the coatings industry, cellulose ethers use as film formers, thickeners, emulsifiers and stabilizers. They are giving them good abrasion resistance, uniform coating properties, adhesion and pH, and improved surface tension. It also mixes well with organic solvents. And its high water retention gives it excellent brushing and leveling properties.

4.Interface agent

It  mainly uses as a thickening agent. It can improve tensile and shear strength, improve the surface coating, enhance adhesion and bonding strength.

5.External wall insulation mortar

The cellulose ether in this paper focuses on bonding and increasing strength, making the mortar easier to apply and improve efficiency. Anti-sagging effect, higher water retention function can extend the use of mortar time, improve shortening and crack resistance, improve the surface quality and improve the bond strength.

6.Honeycomb ceramics

In the new honeycomb ceramics, the product has smoothness, water retention and strength.

7.Sealants, Sutures

The addition of cellulose ethers gives excellent edge adhesion, low reduction and high abrasion resistance. And it protects foundation data from mechanical damage and prevents soaking on all construction.


The stable bonding properties of cellulose ethers ensure excellent flow and self-leveling ability. And the operating water retention rate allows for rapid setting, reducing cracking and shortening.

9.Construction mortar plastering mortar

High water retention makes the cement fully hydrated, significantly increasing the bond strength. While the appropriate increase in tensile and shear strength, greatly improving the construction effect, improve efficiency.

10.Tile adhesives

High water retention does not require pre-soaking or wetting of tiles and grass-roots level. Significantly increasing the bond strength, slurry construction period, fine construction, uniform, convenient construction, and has excellent resistance to migration.

Landcel produces hpmc in different viscosity ranges and can be used for the addition of a wide range of construction applications. Enquiries are welcome.