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Why does tile adhesive still cause hollowing and falling off of bricks after use?

With the development of technology, ceramic tiles are made of various materials, such as clay, all-ceramic, vitrified, etc. Ceramic tiles also vary widely in their water absorption rates. The traditional cement mortar paving method can no longer meet the paving

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Gypsum-based self-leveling interface agent

Gypsum-based self-leveling interface agent is an interface agent specially used for gypsum-based self-leveling construction and has multiple functions. First, it can significantly improve the adhesion between gypsum-based self-leveling and the base layer. Make the self-leveling layer stronger and the base

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Five major processes for exterior wall insulation construction

Exterior wall insulation construction is a common method for house decoration in winter. It is implemented through five sequential processes: cleaning the bottom layer, measuring, pasting mesh cloth and polystyrene board, fixing, and grinding gaps. During construction, you need to

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How to choose between tile adhesive and tile back adhesive?

Which one is better, tile adhesive or tile back adhesive? As mentioned above, tile adhesive and tile back adhesive are two completely different things. One can directly replace cement mortar as a bonding material, and the other is used for

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The difference between tile adhesive and tile back adhesive

Tile adhesive Tile adhesive is a material used to stick ceramic tiles, and is divided into ordinary, enhanced and super-strong types. Although tile adhesive is called "glue", it is not actually "glue". It is similar to our cement, both in

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