How to correctly identify redispersible polymer powder(RDP)?

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Redispersible polymer powder(RDP) is a water-soluble redispersible powder, which is a polymer of butadiene and vinyl acetate, and uses acrylic emulsion as a maintenance colloid solution. Therefore, RDP is very popular in the construction industry sales market, and the inappropriate use of RDP leads to unsatisfactory actual effects of engineering construction. The use of suitable

About Re-dispersible Polymer Powder(RDP)

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Re-dispersible Polymer Powder is a powder dispersion produced and processed from modified polymer emulsions. It has good redispersibility. It can be re-emulsified into a stable polymer emulsion even after the addition of water, and its chemical properties are identical to the initial emulsion. Therefore, it makes it possible to produce high quality dry-mixed mortar with.

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