Causes and solutions of putty bubbles

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We often encounter the problem of foaming during wall decoration. Is it a construction problem or a quality problem of putty? Today we will analyze the truth about putty bubbles. Blistering on the mortar wall 【Phenomenon】: Dense bubbles form when the putty is scraped up. However, there are no deep air holes in the base

Summer putty construction problems and solutions

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For building construction, the test brought by summer. One is the soaring temperature and the other is abundant rainfall. The suitable conditions for putty construction are that the temperature is 5-35°C and the air humidity is less than 85%. As an essential process of wall construction. If there is a problem with the construction effect

How to deal with paint surface, putty and wall cracking?

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How to deal with paint surface, putty and wall cracking? Houses that have been built for many years will have large and small problems over time, and cracked walls are one of the most troublesome aspects. Why do you say that? First, it will affect the overall aesthetics of the interior; second, the wall crack

The difference between putty and paint

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The difference between putty and paint is: different concepts, different ingredients, different performance, different processing steps, and different usage methods. The concept is different: Paint is applied to the surface of the object to be protected or decorated to form a continuous film firmly attached to the object to be coated. Putty is a decorative

Causes and solutions of blistering putty(1)

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Causes and solutions of blistering putty Putty is the basic material for wall decoration. And it  mainly uses to level the wall surface so that the paint can show its perfect decorative effect. However, the process of putty construction can lead to phenomena such as blistering of the putty layer if the details are not

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