HEMC is better than HPMC?

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HPMC and HEMC have similar roles in building materials. It can be used as dispersant, water retaining agent, thickener and binder, etc. It is mainly used in the molding of cement mortar and gypsum products. Used in cement mortar to increase its cohesiveness, workability, reduce flocculation, improve viscosity and shrinkage, and have water retention, reduce


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HPMC vs HEMC (1) HPMC vs HEMC (3) 2 Physical and chemical properties The physicochemical properties of the VITO ether industry testing standards include: appearance, fineness, dry weight loss, sulphate ash, solution pH, solution light transmission, solution viscosity, gel temperature, group content, etc. (excluding mortar application experiments). Appearance, fineness, dry weight loss, sulphate ash, solution

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