HPMC without surface treatment do not dissolve in hot water above 85, but can swell and disperse in hot water. Usually, dissolving HPMC  the following methods are used:

1. Conventional methods.

Take about 1/5 to 1/3 of the required amount of hot water and stir to make the added product expand completely. Then add the remaining part of the water, which can be cold or even ice water, and stir to the right temperature.

Prepare all the hot water required by adding it to the product and stirring constantly. Cool under stirring until it reaches the right temperature and can be completely dissolved.

Use hot water to dissolve the cellulose. It must be cooled sufficiently to achieve complete dissolution and to develop the desired clarity. The temperature required depends on the type of cellulose.

2. Dry mixing and dispersing method.

The product can be effectively dispersed by dry mixing before adding water. This means that it is used in formulations containing other powder components, which are first evenly dispersed and then quickly dissolved by adding water, without agglomeration.

3. Organic solvent wetting method.

The product is first dispersed in organic solvents or wetted with organic solvents, and then added to cold water or added to cold water, which can also be well dissolved. The organic solvent can be ethanol, ethylene glycol, etc.

4. Add directly during the production process.

In a vessel equipped with high speed stirring, water is added first and while stirring continuously, the product is added slowly and evenly and stirred until the product is completely dissolved.
dissolving HPMC
These are just a few of the common methods of dissolving HPMC.

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