Characteristics of HPMC added gypsum.

1.Strong adhesion.

Plastering plaster and various wall substrates (concrete, aerated concrete, brick and mortar walls and roofs, etc.) can be well bonded. When plastering, first brush interface agent, so that the plaster wall will not appear hollow drum, cracking phenomenon.

2.Surface decorative.

The surface of plaster wall is delicate and smooth without ash, with high strength and no shrinkage. Elegant appearance, no smell, no alkali, no cracks.

3.Fireproof performance.

When the thickness of stucco plaster plaster is 20mm, the fire resistance limit can reach more than 2 hours.

4.Breathing function.

During the hardening process of stucco plaster, countless tiny honeycomb breathing holes are formed. When the indoor environment is humid, the breathing holes automatically absorb moisture; under the opposite condition, it can automatically release the reserve moisture.

5.Heat insulation.

The thermal conductivity of gypsum products is small, about 25% of that of cement concrete products and 30% of that of clay bricks.

Characteristics of HPMC added gypsum

6.Saving time and cost.

The plaster layer of stucco sets and hardens quickly, and the maintenance cycle is short. The whole hardening and strength attainment process is completed in 5-7 days, which can greatly improve the work efficiency and speed up the progress of the follow-up project, compared with the cement mix mortar can advance the construction period of 1-2 months.

7.Construction convenience.

Plaster construction with easy to wipe, easy to scrape flat, easy to repair, low labour intensity, less material consumption.

8.Sound insulation performance.

Plaster in the process of condensation, the internal production of tiny pores, so can attenuate the sound pressure, but also to prevent the transmission of sound energy, with good sound insulation performance.

9.Hygienic and healthiness.

Gypsum has the effect of disinfection and poisoning, in the room decorated with gypsum material, it is difficult for bacteria to survive and spread. Rooms with plaster are especially suitable for infants and elderly people.