Benefits of using Plaster Mortar.

Plastering gypsum mortar is a newer, more environmentally friendly and economical key product to promote instead of cement mortar. It has the strength of cement but is also healthier and more environmentally friendly than cement, durable, has a high adhesive force. It is not easily chalked, does not crack, does not hollow out, does not fall off and other advantages. Easy to use and cost saving.

1. Gypsum mortar has strong bonding properties, which basically solves the problem of hollow drums, cracks and falling off of the plaster layer. At the same time, it shortens the plastering period and increases the efficacy by 1.5-2 times compared to the traditional cement mortar plastering process.

2. Decoration on plaster plaster mortar coverings can save decorative paint and glue for framing.

3. Plaster mortar early strength fast hard, suitable for rush work.

4. The gypsum mortar construction when the ground less ash, reducing the waste of materials and clean-up with labour.

5. Gypsum is more suitable for construction in winter than mortar cement paddle, which can save a lot of winter construction insulation cost.

6. Gypsum mortar is A grade fireproof material, which can improve the fireproof of the building as well as sound insulation and heat preservation.

7. The sales price of gypsum mortar seems to be more expensive. But in engineering application, the comprehensive cost is not more expensive than traditional plastering materials. For example, the thickness of gypsum mortar plaster layer can be less than 3mm. While cement mortar needs plaster thickness of 6mm-8mm or more.

Plaster Mortar

In summary, the use of gypsum mortar project cost can be reduced by 10-15%, and reduce rework, waste phenomenon. It is a high quality and environmentally friendly product developed by new technology, with significant economic and social benefits.

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