1.Application of CMC in Ice Cream
2.Application of CMC in Different Foods(2)

This article continues application of CMC in different foods

8. Application of CMC in condiment production. The specially modified CMC has good salt resistance, acid resistance, thickening and stability. When used in soy sauce, soy sauce powder, peanut butter, chili sauce, jam, oyster sauce, sesame sauce and other condiments. It can improve the quality and structure of these products, make the state of the product thicker and more stable. It can improve the color and aroma of the product, etc. Sensory quality.

9. Application of CMC in pulp beverage. Beverages containing fruit or pulp, such as orange beverages, carrot cloudy beverages, and mango beverages. They are prone to the problem that solids settle to the bottom of the packaging container because the specific gravity of solids is greater than that of liquids.
The application of CMC in the pulp beverage can make the pulp and fruit particles suspend evenly. And it full in the packaging container, with bright color and eye-catching, and prolong the fresh-keeping period of the pulp beverage.

10. Application of CMC in sour milk beverages. Sour milk drink is a formulated milk drink with a sweet and sour taste. Such as raw materials, processed beverages. In order to increase the selling point and attract consumers to buy, some sour milk beverage manufacturers also add a small amount of fruit juice and natural pigments to the product ingredients.
The use of CMC in acidic milk beverages can play a role in stabilizing the organizational state of beverages. And it has the characteristics of preventing beverage precipitation and stratification, improving taste, and improving high temperature resistance. In the production process, some sour milk beverage enterprises use a single CMC as a thickening stabilizer; some enterprises combine CMC with other thickening stabilizers and emulsifiers for the production of sour milk beverages.

When using CMC in sour milk beverages, first mix the CMC aqueous solution with the raw materials in the batching tank. And then slowly add the citric acid solution under constant stirring to prevent the flocculation and precipitation of citric acid and CMC.