Why do exterior wall tiles hollow out and fall off?

1. Temperature changes.

The temperature difference between different seasons and day and night makes the facing tiles affected by temperature stress in three-dimensional directions. The facing layer will produce local stress concentrated at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal walls or the roof and the wall. If it is in the middle of a large area of ​​the wall, or the local extrusion of adjacent tiles, it will cause the tiles to fall off.

2. Material quality.

Because the mortar layer is deformed and hollowed, the tiles fall off in a large area. The composite wall composed of the materials of each layer is incompatible and the deformation is not coordinated, resulting in displacement of the tiles. The waterproofing measures for the exterior wall are not in place. This causes water to penetrate, causing repeated freeze-thaw cycles. This causes the bonding layer of the tiles to be damaged, causing the tiles to fall off;

3. External force factors.

Some external factors can also cause the tiles to fall off. For example, uneven foundation settlement causes deformation and dislocation of the walls of the structure. This causes serious cracking of the wall and the falling of the tiles. Natural factors such as wind pressure and earthquakes can also cause the tiles to fall off.
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