What are the uses of interface agents?(1)

④ The fourth most common use of interface agent is to paint on the surface of concrete.

At this time, the function of the interface agent applied is to increase the bonding force between the concrete surface and the plastering mortar.
In today’s buildings, most of the interface agents have been used to replace the traditional process of chiseling the surface of concrete. In fact, this method is not particularly good in my opinion. Because the interface agent is not as reliable as the chiseling process after all. However, the interface agent can indeed improve the surface of the concrete due to the problem of smoothness. And to a certain extent, it can avoid the hollowing of the plaster layer on the surface.

⑤ Another function of the interface agent is to deal with the sanding of the surface layer.

Due to the long life of many walls, there will be slight sanding, which is especially easy to appear in second-hand houses.
When decorating a second-hand house, remove the decorative layer on the surface of the wall. It will be found that the plaster layer of the base layer has slight sanding. And the treatment material used at this time is the interface agent.
After the interface agent is painted, it can solve the slight sanding on the surface of the wall. In this way, the quality of the putty can be better guaranteed by scraping the putty in the later stage.
Regarding the interface agent, there are still many places where it is currently used.
For example, many bricklayers will apply a layer of interface agent on the concrete surface before plastering the surface of the wall.
When home decoration, before scraping the putty on the wall, most of them will also apply a layer of interface agent.
It can be seen that the use of interface agents is indeed very large. However, the interface agent is made of some chemical materials used after all. So it must contain certain pollution. Therefore, when home decoration, whether to use interface agent should be judged according to the condition of the wall surface.
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