The interface agents commonly seen in the market are widely used. The first is that a large number of interface agents are used in home decoration. For example, the common wall and ground solids are actually a kind of interface agent. In addition, it will be widely used in engineering. For the use of interface agents, it is generally used for the following five points.

① The surface of the wall in home decoration is treated with interface agent.

When decorating a home, basically a layer of interface agent is applied to the wall. It is also possible to apply a layer of interface agent on the ground.

The role it plays is to deal with the surface of our wall or the surface of the ground. In this way, the bonding force of the wall surface is increased, and the strength of the surface material is increased.

At the same time, the bonding between the surface material and the decoration material can be realized. In this way, the hollowing of the wall surface and the hollowing of the ground can be effectively prevented.

② In home decoration, the interface agent has another use, which is to paint on the back of the tiles.

The current interface agent can be applied to some common types of tiles. There is also the back of glass mosaic bags, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, marble, terrazzo and other materials.

What can be played at this time is to increase the bonding force on the back of the material. Thereby effectively improving the bonding force between the back of the tile and the adhesive material we use. In this way, the hollowing and falling off of the tiles can be effectively avoided.

③ The third common use of interface agent is to treat the surface of concrete, aerated concrete, hollow brick, lime-sand brick and fly ash brick.

At this time, it is to solve the problem that the surface of these materials is not easy to bond due to strong water absorption or smoothness.

For example, brushing the interface agent on the surface of the brick wall can close some pores on the surface of the brick wall. In this way, when cement mortar is used for smearing, it can avoid the strength reduction of cement mortar due to water absorption by pores, and sand and sand loss. Eventually lead to hollowing, cracking, etc.
What are the uses of interface agents?(2)