How long is the shelf life of tile adhesive?

In a cool and dry environment, the shelf life of unopened tile adhesive is 1 year. Cemented tiles indicate that the active ingredients have begun to react and should be discarded.

Tile adhesive mixing time?

It should be stirred with a low-speed mixer (500r/min). Add the powder into water and stir for 3-5 minutes to form a uniform powder-free glue.

How long can the tile glue be used after mixing with water?

Generally, we use a mixer to stir for 3-5 minutes. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. Stir again and serve.
Standing here has two functions: one is to get rid of the air brought in during the stirring process. The second is to fully mature the tile adhesive. It is beneficial to maximize the bonding force of tile adhesive.

How long does it take to use up the tile adhesive after mixing?

Under standard conditions (20┬░C, humidity 50%), it can be operated for about 3 hours. The actual operating time depends on the weather conditions. In general hot and windy weather, the operating time will be shortened. For example, in summer, the operational time of tile adhesive indoors in hot areas will be shortened. The stirred tile adhesive should be used up within 1 hour.

How long can misalignment be adjusted after tiling without affecting the bond strength?

The time for ceramic tiles to be adjusted for misalignment without affecting the bond strength is generally within 30 minutes. If the adjustment time is exceeded, the performance of the tile adhesive will be affected.

How long does it take for tiles to dry and harden?

It refers to the time it takes for the tile adhesive to harden and harden after pasting. Usually the curing time of tile adhesive is 24 hours. Under low temperature and high humidity environment. The hydration reaction rate of cement-based products will be slower. In order to better lock in moisture, a water retaining agent is added to the tile adhesive. Therefore, the curing time will be extended accordingly. Therefore, the finished product protection work should be done well during construction in winter.

How long after the base treatment can the tiles be laid?

After the concrete surface is finished. It needs to be cured for 6 weeks before laying bricks. The newly plastered surface should be cured for at least 7 days before laying bricks. Old concrete and plastered surfaces can be cleaned with industrial detergents or degreasers. Then rinse it with a high-pressure tap, and dry the surface for 24 hours before laying bricks.

Landcel’s cellulose ether product HPMC can be used as an additive for tile adhesives. Addition improves the adhesion between the tile sealant and the edge of the tile. Also improves water retention. Improve ease of construction.