5. Early strength agent

Early strength agent is an additive that can accelerate the development of early strength of mortar. Most are inorganic electrolytes, and a few are organic compounds.
The accelerator for ready-mixed mortar is required to be powdery and dry.
Calcium formate is the most widely used in ready-mixed mortar. Calcium formate can improve the early strength of mortar. And accelerate the hydration of tricalcium silicate, which can reduce water to a certain extent. Moreover, the physical properties of calcium formate are stable at room temperature. And it is not easy to agglomerate. So it is more suitable for application in dry powder mortar.

6. Water reducer

Water reducing agent refers to the additive that can reduce the amount of mixing water under the condition of keeping the consistency of the mortar basically the same. The Water reducers are generally surfactants. According to its function, it is divided into: ordinary water reducer, high efficiency water reducer, early strength water reducer, retarded water reducer, retarded high efficiency water reducer and induced water reducer and other varieties.
Water reducing agent used for ready-mixed mortar is required to be powdery and dry. Such a water reducer can be evenly dispersed in the dry powder mortar without reducing the shelf life of the ready-mixed mortar. At present, the application of water reducing agent in ready-mixed mortar is generally in cement self-leveling, gypsum self-leveling, waterproof mortar, putty, etc. The choice of water reducing agent should be selected according to different raw materials and different mortar properties.

Ready-mixed mortar additives also include retarders, accelerators, fibers, thixotropic lubricants, defoamers, etc. Add different options according to different types of mortar. These additives are used in ready-mixed mortar to improve its performance. Just like cooking seasonings, added to dishes to brighten the color of the dishes, increase the taste, and lock in nutrients. The ability to make different types of ready-mixed mortars perform better is a magic weapon for better use of ready-mixed mortars in engineering.

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How Additives Improve Mortar Performance?
How Additives Improve Mortar Performance? (2)