3.Redispersible polymer powder

Redispersible polymer powder is a high molecular polymer emulsion. It is a powdery thermoplastic resin obtained by spray drying and subsequent processing. It is mainly used in construction, especially dry powder mortar to increase cohesion, cohesion and flexibility.
The role of redispersible polymer powder in mortar: after dispersion, redispersible polymer powder forms a film and acts as a second adhesive to enhance bonding. The protective colloid is absorbed by the mortar system, and will not be destroyed by water or dispersed twice after the film is formed. The film-forming polymer resin is distributed throughout the mortar system as a reinforcing material, thereby increasing the cohesion of the mortar.
Redispersible polymer powder in wet mortar can improve construction performance, improve flow performance, increase thixotropy and sag resistance, improve cohesion, prolong open time, and enhance water retention.
After the mortar is cured, it can improve the tensile strength and enhance the bending strength. Reduce elastic modulus, improve deformability, increase material density. Improve wear resistance and cohesive strength. Low carbonization depth, reduce material water absorption. Make the material have excellent hydrophobicity and other effects.

4. Air-entraining agent

Air-entraining agent, also known as air-entraining agent. Refering to the introduction of a large number of uniformly distributed micro-bubbles during the mixing process of mortar. Can reduce the surface tension of the mixing water in the mortar, resulting in better dispersion. An additive to reduce bleeding and segregation of mortar mixtures. In addition, the introduction of fine and stable air bubbles also improves the construction performance. The amount of air introduced depends on the type of mortar and the mixing equipment used.
Although the amount of air-entraining agent is very small, the air-entraining agent has a great influence on the performance of ready-mixed mortar. It can effectively improve the workability of ready-mixed mortar, improve the impermeability and frost resistance of mortar. Reduce mortar density, save materials and increase construction area. But the addition of air-entraining agent will reduce the strength of the mortar, especially the compressive mortar. Therefore, the amount of air-entraining agent should be strictly controlled, and the optimal amount can be determined by testing the air content, construction performance and related strength of the mortar.
How Additives Improve Mortar Performance?
How Additives Improve Mortar Performance?(3)