What is the difference between pure HPMC and adulterated?
The Pure hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is visually fluffy and has a small bulk density, ranging from 0.3–0.4/ml. The adulterated HPMC has better fluidity and a heavier feel, which is obviously different from the appearance.
Pure hydroxypropyl methylcellulose aqueous solution is clear, with high light transmittance and water retention >97%. The adulterated HPMC aqueous solution is turbid, and the water retention rate is difficult to reach 80%.
pure HPMC
The Pure HPMC should not smell of ammonia, starch and alcohol. Adulterated HPMC can often smell all kinds of flavors, even if it is tasteless, it will feel heavy.
Pure hydroxypropyl methylcellulose powder is fibrous under a microscope or magnifying glass. Adulterated HPMC can be observed as granular solids or crystals under a microscope or magnifying glass.
Landcel is a professional manufacturer of cellulose. The produced HPMC is extracted from refined cotton and produced through repeated etherification and alkalization, purification and drying. The full name of the production process is automation. The product has high purity and stable and reliable quality.