What does a high-quality HPMC have to meet?
1.Strength test: gypsum-based hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose has good tensile bonding strength and compressive strength.
2.Sagging resistance test: no sagging in single construction when draped in thick layers, no sagging when draped in more than two times (above 3cm), good plasticity.
3.Wall draping test: draping light, smooth, can be formed at once, the surface is delicate and soft, with brightness.
4.Coating rate test: gypsum-based coating rate refers to the result obtained by measuring the wet weight of the gypsum-based conversion. One ton of gypsum-based products can be applied to a 10mm thick wall area.
5.Water retention rate test: The water retention rate refers to the standard GB/T28627-2012 “Plastering Gypsum”, the water retention rate of light weight base layer plaster is greater than or equal to 60%. The gypsum-based hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose has good water retention performance when added at 0.2% and 0.25%.

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The above are the requirements that high-quality HPMC needs to meet.

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