(7) Breathing function:

During the hardening process of plastering gypsum, countless tiny honeycomb breathing holes are formed. When the indoor ambient humidity is high, the breathing hole automatically absorbs moisture. Under the opposite conditions, it can automatically release the stored water. Therefore, the indoor humidity is controlled within a suitable range, which improves the living comfort.

(8) Higher strength:

After plastering gypsum is hydrated and hardened. The unique porous network structure inside makes it have good moisture drainage and moisture absorption performance. It is beneficial to the drying of the air-entrained concrete itself.
Plastering gypsum has good water retention and workability. It can ensure the complete hydration reaction after plastering. The strength of the plastering layer will not be reduced due to water loss. After the plastering gypsum is hardened, the strength of the plastering layer increases with the decrease of the moisture content.

(9) Health care function:

Gypsum itself is also a kind of medicinal material, which has disinfection and bactericidal effects. In rooms decorated with plaster materials, it is difficult for bacteria to survive and spread.

(10) Light weight:

The bulk density of building gypsum powder is about 900kg/m3. It is 56% and 75% of cement and quicklime, which has positive significance in reducing the weight of buildings.

(11) Favorable construction in winter:

Plastering gypsum has the characteristics of early strength and fast setting, and the construction is not restricted by seasons. Especially in winter, it can be constructed above -5┬░C, and its hydration rate will not be significantly slowed down due to low temperature. As long as the mixing water does not freeze, it can be plastered. It is a good material for indoor plastering construction in winter.
Landcel manufactures HPMC for plastering plaster. Effectively improve the water retention and sagging behavior of plastering gypsum. The cellulose ether products produced by Landcel include HPMC, HEMC, HEC, EHEC, CMC, RDP.
What are the performance characteristics of plastering gypsum?