Factors Affecting Mortar Strength

1. Mixing ratio:

The mix ratio mainly refers to the proportion combination of various raw materials in the mortar, which is generally provided by the laboratory. The mixing ratio should be measured strictly, requiring each material to be weighed before entering the mixer. The error required for material measurement is: cement and organic plasticizer should be within ┬▒2%. Sand, lime paste or ground quicklime powder should be within ┬▒5%. The amount of water added is mainly controlled by the consistency.

2. Raw materials:

Various technical properties of raw materials must be determined by laboratory tests, and unqualified materials must not be used.

3. Stirring time:

The mortar must be fully stirred to make cement, lime paste, sand, etc. into a uniform mixture. Especially for cement, if it is not stirred uniformly, it will obviously affect the strength of the mortar. It is generally required that the mixing time of the mortar in the mixer shall not be less than 2 minutes.

the strength of mortar

4. Curing time and temperature and humidity:

The masonry made of mortar and brick needs to be cured for a period of time before it can gain strength. During the curing period, there must be a certain temperature to make the cement harden. A certain humidity should also be maintained during maintenance. Dryness and high temperature are easy to dehydrate the mortar. Especially cement mortar, because the cement cannot be fully hydrated, it means that less cement is added to the mortar. It not only affects the early strength, but also affects the final strength of the mortar.
Therefore, under dry and high temperature conditions, in addition to mixing the mortar evenly, the bricks should be fully watered and moistened. It is also necessary to timely water and maintain the masonry to ensure that the strength of the mortar will not be reduced due to dehydration.
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