Tile adhesive is a polymer modified cementitious binder with strong bonding power and flexibility. High bonding strength, water resistance, high temperature resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, humidity and heat resistance, ageing resistance and other characteristics. Preventing tile adhesive from falling off without hollow drums, and easy construction. No pollution of the environment, saving materials and reducing labour intensity. Is tile adhesive good? What are the advantages and disadvantages of tile adhesive and cement?

First, common tiling materials are mainly cement and tile adhesive two kinds.

A lot of reflective tile bulge most practical is cement tile. Although it is said that cement is cheap, but if the surface is not rough water absorption rate good tile, or brush not thick enough. It is easy to appear tile bulge or fall off the situation.
Is tile adhesive good? Tile glue even if only a thin layer of brush will not appear such a situation. But tile glue will have formaldehyde. So the installation of tiles also need to put a period of time before moving in.

tile adhesive and cement

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of tile adhesive and cement tiling wall tiles

1. Tile adhesive advantages: the main benefit of tile adhesive is the strong ability to paste tiles. And can be waterproof and moisture-proof, not easy to aging. Often used for exterior wall decoration.

Tile adhesive disadvantage: compared to the cost of cement, the cost of tile adhesive will be much higher.

2. Cement mortar advantages: cement mortar is mainly based on cement, and then add some additives, after mixing with water can be used. Different functions of cement mortar need to add additives of different efficacy. This allows the cement to achieve different effects.
For example, if you want to make the cement water and moisture resistant. You need to add additives to make the cement form a thin film and make it waterproof.

The disadvantages of cement mortar: cement thickness should be thick enough, with more materials. And paste easy to appear hollow drum situation.

1. Although it is said that the cement tile is easy to appear hollow drum off the situation. But if then construction attention to specifications. The thickness of the cement coated to a certain thickness. Relatively speaking, it will reduce a lot of hollow drum off the situation. So in home decoration, the use of process standardization, process, is also quite important aspect, will also determine the quality of tiling.

2. Due to the relatively high cost of tile adhesive, many real estate developers are resistant to use tile adhesive. But for the decoration of the exterior of the building. Tile adhesive due to good paste performance, paste quality. It has also become a necessary product for exterior decoration. For small tiles with low leveling requirements, tile adhesive is also a good choice, while for large areas of tiling, using cement paste is also possible.

The HPMC produced by Landcel is applied to tile adhesives to better enhance the adhesion and stability of the tile adhesive. HPMC can be customised with different viscosities.