Treatment and prevention of concrete sanding

1 Treatment methods for sanding on concrete surface

The main method for treating sanding on concrete surface is: clean the sanding position to the structural layer. Then, according to the specific project, use appropriate methods to repair and reinforce the sanding parts. The specific methods are as follows.
1) Cleaning
For the sanding area on the concrete surface, the dust and floating slurry on the surface should be cleaned first, and then rinsed with water. Then grind the cleaned concrete until it is hard.
2) Repair
First clean the dust from grinding, then rinse with water, and wait for it to dry. Use a liquid water-soluble concrete sealing and curing agent to treat the sanding area. This hardener works by penetration, enters the concrete to form dense crystals, thereby improving the strength of the concrete.

2 Prevention methods for sanding

1) Control raw materials
Select suitable cement and reasonable aggregate grading. The raw materials should be clean and free of impurities, and choose a suitable water-cement ratio.
2) Control construction technology
Strict management should be carried out during the concrete construction process to avoid illegal operations. After pouring, the concrete should be maintained to ensure the normal solidification of the concrete.
Avoid construction on rainy days and widely promote the use of permeable formwork cloth. In winter construction, attention should be paid to the insulation of the concrete pouring process and the curing process after pouring.

3 Conclusion

In all aspects of concrete, avoid sanding defects after concrete molding. Strictly control the selection and preparation of raw materials, and strictly control the construction conditions, procedures and requirements during the construction process. The later maintenance should be strictly implemented according to the requirements of the specifications.
Eliminate the causes of concrete sanding, improve the performance of concrete, and make the structure more reliable. Concrete with sanding should be eliminated in the correct way. Do not just perform simple surface plastering to cover up the defects.