The role of cellulose ether in cement mortar (1)
The role of cellulose ether in cement mortar (2)

Cellulose ether – air-entraining effect

Cellulose ether has obvious air-entraining effect on fresh cement-based materials. Cellulose ether has both hydrophilic groups (hydroxyl groups, ether groups) and hydrophobic groups (methyl groups, glucose rings). And it is a surfactant with surface activity, thus having an air-entraining effect. The air-entraining effect of cellulose ether will produce a “ball-rolling” effect, which can improve the working performance of fresh materials.
For example, increasing the plasticity and smoothness of the mortar in the operation process is beneficial to the spreading of the mortar. It will also increase the output of mortar and reduce the production cost of mortar. However, it will increase the porosity of the hardened material and reduce its mechanical properties, such as strength and elastic modulus.
cellulose ether in cement mortar
As a surfactant, cellulose ether also has a wetting or lubricating effect on cement particles. This, together with the air-entraining effect of cellulose ether, increases the fluidity of cement-based materials. But its thickening effect reduces fluidity. The effect of cellulose ether on the fluidity of cement-based materials is a combination of plasticizing and thickening effects.
Generally speaking, when the content of cellulose ether is very low, the main performance is plasticization or water reduction. When the content is higher, the thickening effect of cellulose ether increases rapidly. The air-entraining effect of cellulose ether tends to be saturated, so it shows a thickening effect or an increase in water demand.

Cellulose Ether – Retardation

Cellulose ether will prolong the setting time of cement paste or mortar and delay the hydration kinetics of cement. This is beneficial to increase the working time of the freshly mixed materials and improve the time loss of mortar consistency and concrete slump. But it could also delay construction progress.
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