What is the ash content of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose?

Ash, also known as scorch residue, is simply understood to be the impurities contained in the product. It occurs naturally during the production process. After the product has come out of the etherification reactor, it enters the neutralisation kettle, where the pH value is first adjusted to neutral. The more hot water is added and the more times it is washed. The lower the ash content and vice versa.

The higher the purity, the lower the ash content after combustion!
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose manufacturers analyze the quality of cellulose through the process of burning HPMC.

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1.The less ash relatively higher quality

Determinants of the amount of ash residue.

(1) The quality of the raw cellulose (refined cotton): in general the better the quality of the refined cotton the whiter the colour. The ash content and the better the water retention of the cellulose produced. (Landcel all cotton all use Xinjiang refined cotton).

(2) The number of washes: there will be some dust and impurities in the raw material. The more washes the more times the finished product burns, the smaller the ash.

(3) The addition of small materials to the finished product will result in a large amount of ash after combustion.

(4) The production process does not react well will also affect the ash content of cellulose.
(5) If the cellulose is added to the combustion aid. There is almost no ash after combustion. But there will be a difference in the colour state after combustion with pure goods, so we should differentiate more.

2.The length of burning time.

Water retention rate of good cellulose burning time will be relatively long, water retention rate of low vice versa.

We can judge the quality of cellulose according to the residue after burning. The more thorough the burning, the better the quality of cellulose.

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