In the paint and plastic industry, “heavy calcium” is calcite powder. It is the abbreviation of “heavy calcium carbonate”. The main ingredient is heavy calcium carbonate. Ground calcium carbonate is also referred to as “heavy calcium”. Usually used as a filler.
Widely used in artificial floor tiles, rubber, plastics, paper, coatings, paints, inks, cables, construction supplies, food, medicine, textiles, feed, toothpaste and other daily chemical industries. Used as a filler to increase the volume of the product and reduce production costs.
Both light calcium carbonate and heavy calcium carbonate are composed of calcium carbonate. They are commonly used fillers in coatings, plastics and other industries. The content of the first-grade product is 99.1%, and the content of the second-grade product is 97.9%.

The difference between heavy calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate is as follows:

1. The main difference is the different uses.
Light calcium is used in fillers, welding electrodes, organic synthesis, etc. Heavy calcium is used in the production of anhydrous calcium chloride, sodium dichromate, cement, etc.
2. The Heavy calcium carbonate is natural calcium carbonate. It is made by crushing calcite and is cheap. Compared with light calcium carbonate, it is easy to settle when used in latex paint.
Light calcium carbonate is also called precipitated calcium carbonate. The particle size is smaller than that of heavy calcium carbonate. The oil absorption is larger than that of heavy calcium carbonate. The price is higher than that of ground calcium carbonate. They are commonly used fillers in latex paint and are best used together.
3. Heavy calcium is made from natural ore crushing. Light calcium is produced artificially. It has a large amount of application in coatings.
4. Heavy calcium is stable, but relatively light calcium is easy to settle.
5. Light calcium is better at settling. But the oil absorption is greater than heavy calcium. The price is generally more expensive than heavy calcium. Although it is not as stable as heavy calcium. But it is still stable. Even for exterior wall paint, the amount of application is very large!
6. Properties of heavy calcium carbonate White powder, colorless and tasteless. Stable in air. Almost insoluble in water, insoluble in alcohol. In case of dilute acetic acid, dilute hydrochloric acid and dilute nitric acid, foaming will occur. and dissolve. Heating to 898┬░C begins to decompose calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.

Ash calcium powder

Ash calcium powder is a mixed filler, mostly composed of calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and a small amount of calcium carbonate mixed in a certain proportion, and its main raw material is CaCO3, such as calcite, marble, limestone, etc. It becomes calcium oxide after high temperature calcination. It is selected and carbonized, partially digested, and then feng shui, ground and screened.