HPMC for tile adhesive

Several tips to pay attention to when using tile adhesive

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How long is the shelf life of tile adhesive? In a cool and dry environment, the shelf life of unopened tile adhesive is 1 year. Cemented tiles indicate that the active ingredients have begun to react and should be discarded. Tile adhesive mixing time? It should be stirred with a low-speed mixer (500r/min). Add the

What is HPMC? HPMC uses

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What is HPMC? HPMC uses HPMC is the abbreviation of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, which is a non-ionic cellulose alkyl hydroxyalkyl mixed ether obtained by alkalization, etherification, neutralization and washing of cellulose. As a non-ionic cellulose mixed ether with excellent performance. HPMC, like other cellulose ethers such as CMC, MC, HEC, CMHEC, HEMC, HBMC, etc., has good

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