Question 1 What are the causes and prevention measures of uneven rack-shaped glue layer?

1) The base layer is uneven.
2) The thickness of the scraped tile adhesive is not enough, and the scraped tile adhesive is not full.
3) There is dried tile adhesive in the trowel tooth hole. Trowels should be cleaned.
3) The scraping speed is too fast. The scraping speed should be slowed down.
4) The tile adhesive is unevenly stirred and contains powder particles. Tile adhesive should be thoroughly stirred and matured before use.

Question 2 When the flatness of the base layer deviates greatly, how to use the thin-laying method to lay tiles?

Answer: First, the base layer must be leveled to meet the flatness requirement of ≤4mm/2m. Then use the thin paste method for ceramic tile pasting construction.

Question 3 What should you pay attention to when pasting ceramic tiles on ventilation risers?

Answer: Before pasting, check whether the inner and outer angles of the ventilation pipe are 90° right angles. It should be ensured that the error between the included angle and the end point of the pipe is ≤4mm. The seams of ceramic tiles cut at a 45° external angle should be even and not close together. Otherwise, the adhesion strength of the tiles will be affected (the expansion of moisture and heat will cause the edges of the tiles to burst and be damaged). Reserve spare inspection openings (to prevent pipes from being dismantled during cleaning and dredging and affecting the appearance).

Question 4 How to install floor tiles with floor drain?

Answer: When laying floor tiles, you need to find a good slope to ensure that water from all locations can flow into the floor drain. The slope is 1% to 2%. If two floor drains are configured in the same section, they should be laid on both sides with the center point between the two floor drains as the highest point. If it is matching wall and floor tiles, the floor tiles should be laid opposite to the wall tiles.

Question 5 What should we pay attention to when using quick-drying tile adhesives for outdoor applications?

Answer: The overall storage time and drying time of quick-drying tile adhesive are shorter than that of ordinary tile adhesive, so the amount of mixing at one time should not be too much. The scraping area at one time should not be too large, and the construction should be completed strictly in accordance with the requirements and within the usable time of the product.
It is strictly prohibited to add water to the tile adhesive that has lost its workability and is close to condensation and then stir it for a second time before continuing to use it. Otherwise, the early and later bonding strength will be greatly affected, and severe whitening may occur. It should be used as soon as it is stirred. If it dries too quickly, you can reduce the amount of stirring, the temperature of the mixing water, and the stirring rate.