This article introduces HPMC for food and pharmaceutical

Food Industry

1. Canned citrus: Prevents the whitening and deterioration caused by the decomposition of citrus glycosides during storage to achieve the preservation effect.
2. Cold fruit products: added to sherbet, etc. to make the taste better.
3. Sauce: used as an emulsifying stabilizer or thickener for sauces and tomato sauce.
4. Cold water coating and glazing: used for storage of frozen fish to prevent discoloration and quality degradation. Use methylcellulose or hydroxypropylmethylcellulose aqueous solution. After coating and glazing, freeze the ice layer.

Pharmaceutical Industry

1. Coating: Make the coating agent into a solution of organic solvent or aqueous solution and give it to tablets. In particular, the finished granules are spray-coated.
2. Retarder: 2-3 grams per day, 1-2G each time, the effect will appear in 4-5 days.
3. Eye drops: Since the osmotic pressure of methylcellulose aqueous solution is the same as that of tears, it is less irritating to the eyes. It is added to eye drops as a lubricant that contacts the lens of the eyeball.
4. Jelly: used as the base material for jelly-like external medicines or ointments.
5. Impregnating medicine: used as thickening agent and water retaining agent.
5. Tablet adhesive: used as a molding adhesive for tablets and granules. The adhesive “simultaneous collapse” (quick dissolution and collapse dispersion when taken) is good.