Redispersible polymer powder(RDP) is a water-soluble redispersible powder, which is a polymer of butadiene and vinyl acetate, and uses acrylic emulsion as a maintenance colloid solution. Therefore, RDP is very popular in the construction industry sales market, and the inappropriate use of RDP leads to unsatisfactory actual effects of engineering construction.

The use of suitable RDP is very important, so how to identify and use redispersible polymer powder(RDP)?

Ways to identify dispersible polymer powders:

1. Mix the RDP with water at a ratio of 1:5, stir well and let it stand for five minutes. Then observe the precipitation of the bottom layer, generally the less the precipitation, the better the quality of the RDP.

2. Mix the RDP with water at a ratio of 1:2, stir well and let it stand for 2 minutes. Next stir evenly, and pour the aqueous solution on the neat laminated glass placed. Place the laminated glass in a shaded place with natural ventilation. After it is sufficiently dry, peel off the coating on the top of the laminated glass and observe the polymer film. The more transparent, the better the quality of natural latex powder. Next the film is properly pulled, the better the elasticity, the better the quality. Cut the film into strips and soak in water. After 1 day, observe that the less dissolved, the more cost-effective.

redispersible polymer powder

Ways to identify dispersible polymer powders:

3. Add an appropriate amount of natural RDP to carry out the weighing, put it into a stainless steel container after weighing, raise the temperature to about 500 degrees, burn it at a high temperature of 500 degrees, and then weigh it after cooling. The harder the net weight, the better the quality.

4. Dispensing experiment with carton board or veneer board. Take two small pieces of carton board or veneer board of the same size, apply adhesive to the pages of the test piece, and dispense the adhesive evenly. After thirty minutes of pressure, remove the test. If it can be bonded firmly, it is a good quality rubber powder product. If only a part of the page is damaged, it means that the compressive strength of the RDP is not very good, and the quality is not good enough. In case the page is intact and not damaged, it indicates that it is fake and counterfeit.

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