Which one is better, tile adhesive or tile back adhesive?

As mentioned above, tile adhesive and tile back adhesive are two completely different things. One can directly replace cement mortar as a bonding material, and the other is used for the back treatment of ceramic tiles.
Therefore, when laying ceramic tiles, there are several methods:
1. Traditional cement mortar paving;
2. Back glue + cement mortar combination paving;
3. Tile adhesive laying;
4. Back glue + ceramic tile adhesive combination paving.
From the perspective of bonding strength, the first type is the worst and the fourth type is the best; from the price point of view, the first type is the cheapest and the fourth type is the most expensive. Therefore, tile adhesive and tile back adhesive + cement mortar, these two paving methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is impossible to compare which one is better and which one is worse.

Which type of tiles should I use?

Among the several ceramic tile laying methods mentioned above, the bonding strength is directly proportional to the cost. So which one should we choose when laying ceramic tiles for home decoration? This needs to be considered based on the actual situation: ordinary floor tiles can be paved with traditional cement mortar (dry or wet) from a cost perspective. If you have enough budget, you can also use tile adhesive for paving.
As for wall tiles. If the wall tiles have high water absorption, the specifications should be below 300*600. It is recommended to use traditional cement mortar for paving.
If the floor tiles are installed on the wall, ceramic tiles with low water absorption such as vitrified tiles, polished tiles, full-glazed tiles, and full-body tiles need to be laid. It is best to use tile adhesive or tile adhesive + tile adhesive for paving (especially large-sized ones).