Exterior wall insulation construction is a common method for house decoration in winter. It is implemented through five sequential processes: cleaning the bottom layer, measuring, pasting mesh cloth and polystyrene board, fixing, and grinding gaps.
During construction, you need to pay attention to cleaning the surface, measuring dimensions, using appropriate insulation materials, fixing the position and handling gaps.
Through reasonable exterior wall insulation construction processes, the insulation performance of the house can be increased and a warmer living environment can be created.
Due to the cold weather in winter, many houses will carry out it during renovation to increase the comfort of living. In addition,it also has waterproof and decorative effects. So it has been widely used in house construction. This article will introduce the five sequential processes of exterior wall insulation construction.

Sequence 1: Clean the bottom layer

Before starting the exterior wall insulation construction. It is necessary to clean the impurities and dust on the surface of the building exterior wall. And fill in uneven places and holes to ensure smooth progress of construction.
Clean the bottom layer

Sequence 2: Measurement

After you have finished cleaning the bottom layer, you need to take measurements. When measuring, it is necessary to record the dimensions of doors and windows, and hang horizontal lines from appropriate locations to avoid tilt during construction.

Sequence 3: Paste mesh cloth and polystyrene board

In order to increase the thermal insulation performance of the wall. Polystyrene boards are usually used as insulation materials in exterior wall insulation construction. Before fixing the polystyrene board, it is best to use mesh cloth to strengthen the tightness between the polystyrene board and the wall.
Paste mesh cloth and polystyrene board

Sequence 4: Fixed

Merely gluing the polystyrene board will not secure it to the wall. Therefore, mechanical anchors are needed for fixation. You can first use an electric hammer to drill a few small holes in the polystyrene board. It is then fixed to the wall using mechanical anchors.

Sequence 5: Polish the gaps

When pasting polystyrene boards, seamless pasting cannot be achieved. Therefore, it is necessary to sand the large and small gaps and polish the polystyrene board smoother. Then, add filler to the gap so that the gap is invisible where the polystyrene board and the wall are joined. At this point, the exterior wall insulation construction is completed.
Polish the gaps
The above is the relevant introduction to the exterior wall insulation construction plan.  Through reasonable exterior wall insulation construction process. We can add insulation to a home. Create a warmer living environment.
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