Does wall plastering need hanging nets?

Mesh hanging on the wall, in simple terms, is to put the grid cloth inside the wall. The mesh itself has tensile properties, which can increase the toughness of the entire wall. It has a better bonding effect on the mortar and gypsum applied later.
Hanging net is a common link in wall construction. Usually, when applying putty to the wall, a layer of net is hung first to ensure the subsequent wall construction.

1. Why hang the net on the wall?

In addition to enhancing the toughness of the wall, the hanging net on the wall also has many other advantages.
1) Strong corrosion resistance, fire prevention, heat insulation and heat preservation, and good stability.
2) The size of the mesh cloth is stable, and it will not easily shrink and deform.
3) High strength, light weight, and good impact resistance. It can avoid secondary cracking of the wall and prolong the service life of the wall.

2. Do the walls have to be hung with nets?

At this time, some people will definitely wonder, since there are many benefits of hanging nets on the wall, does it mean that all walls must be hung with nets? In fact, it depends on the situation. Generally, there are 4 places suitable for hanging the net during construction:

1) Newly built or slotted walls

The cement on the surface of the newly built wall is not easy to maintain, and the possibility of cracking is high. At this time, the wall should be protected by hanging the net.
Similarly, the original structure of the wall has been changed after the hydropower groove is opened, and the net must be hung after the groove is sealed.

2) Walls with thicker leveling layers

The original wall surface is uneven and needs to be leveled. The putty applied on the leveling layer is often relatively thick, which is easy to dry and crack. Therefore, it is necessary to hang the net on the wall before construction. Make sure that the putty does not crack in the later stage.

3) Lightweight walls

Lightweight walls made of cement pressure boards tend to have better water absorption. If the moisture of the cement mortar is absorbed for a long time, the wall will definitely fall off and peel off after a long time. In order to avoid this hidden danger, it is necessary to hang the net in the early stage.

4) The junction of old and new walls

During the renovation process of old houses, most of the internal walls are brick walls and sand-gray walls, which have poor impact resistance and are prone to cracking after a long time. At this time, the net must be hung to delay the cracking.
Can hanging nets perfectly solve the problem of wall cracking?
In theory, the hanging net can ensure that the wall does not crack and prolong the service life of the wall. But in real life, it is impossible to completely eliminate the problem of wall cracking. It can only be said that hanging the net is better than directly applying putty.
Of course, Landcel recommends:
If the old house is renovated, the whole house must be hung with nets, otherwise cracks will appear on the wall after a period of time after moving in. If it is a new house decoration, there is no need to hang the net in the whole house.