The most commonly used mixed solvents for ethyl cellulose (DS: 2.3~2.6) are aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohols. Aromatics can be benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, etc.. With an amount of 60-80%; alcohols can be methanol, ethanol, etc.. With an amount of 20-40%. Slowly add EC to the container containing the solvent under stirring until it is completely wetted and dissolved.
The main application of ethyl cellulose products:
1. Industrial industry: EC is widely used in various coatings, such as metal surface coatings, paper product coatings, rubber coatings, hot-melt coatings and integrated circuits; used in inks, such as magnetic inks, gravure and flexographic printing inks; used as Cold-resistant materials; used for special plastics and special precipitation, such as rocket propellant cladding tape; used for insulating materials and cable coatings; used for polymer suspension polymerization dispersants; used for cemented carbide and ceramic adhesives; used for Textile industry as printing paste, etc.
2. Pharmaceutical industry: EC is mainly used for tablet adhesives and film coating materials because it is insoluble in water; it is also used as a matrix material blocker to prepare various types of matrix sustained-release tablets; it is used for mixed materials Preparation of coated sustained-release preparations, sustained-release pellets; also used in vitamin tablets, mineral tablet binders, sustained-release agents and moisture-proof agents.