According to the application needs of the product, there are usually very wide requirements for the viscosity and purity of HPMC.
Under the same degree of substitution, the viscosity has a certain effect on the gel temperature: the lower the viscosity, the higher the gel temperature; the higher the viscosity, the lower the gel temperature. When other indicators are the same, the purity of the product also has a certain influence on the gel temperature, and the gel temperature of the product will decrease if the salt content is high.
To increase the viscosity, cellulose raw materials with a high degree of polymerization can be used, antioxidants can be added, air is evacuated, and nitrogen is filled for protection, and the viscosity of the product can also be improved by micro-crosslinking the final product; to reduce the viscosity of the product, a low-polymerization degree can be used. Cellulosic raw materials, adding oxidants in the alkalization process or etherification plants, can also reduce the viscosity by radiation.
Changes in purity can be adjusted from the washing process.
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