Coloured Tile Adhesive is a widely used decorative material for fixing and beautifying coloured tiles in home and industrial decoration. However, most people don’t know whether it is colour paste or colour essence that is added to the colour tile adhesive. Landcel will focus on the composition and process of colour tile adhesive in this article. As well as the application of common colour pastes and colour essences in it.

The main components of a coloured tile adhesive are cement, chemical additives, fillers and pigments.

Among them, pigment is the key ingredient to achieve the colour effect of coloured tile adhesive. The traditional pigments used in coloured tile adhesives are mainly colour concentrates.
Colour essence is a kind of pigment powder, which is widely used in various paints, pigments and other industries. By mixing the colour essence with other components of the coloured tile adhesive, various colours of tile adhesive can be achieved.

In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the application of colour paste in colour tile adhesive has become more and more extensive.

Colour paste is a kind of liquid pigment with high concentration, which is easier to dissolve, mix and adsorb in colloid than colour essence. The use of colour paste can reduce production costs, improve product quality, and also enable more diversified colour choices.

The production process of coloured tile adhesive is not complicated.

Firstly, cement, chemical additives and fillers are mixed and stirred in a certain proportion to make the basic colloid of tile adhesive. Next, according to the need to add the right amount of colour paste or colour essence, and again mix well. Finally, the resulting coloured tile adhesive is packed into a sealed container for use.

However, different manufacturers or brands of coloured tile adhesives may choose to use different pigments. And colour paste may be selected in some products while colour essence may be selected in others. This depends on many factors such as production process, cost control and market demand. Therefore, when buying coloured tile adhesive. You can choose according to your personal preference, needs and brand reputation.

In addition to the choice of pigment, the quality and performance of the coloured tile adhesive also play an important role in the end-use results.

A good coloured tile adhesive should have good bonding, adhesion and water resistance.
Before construction, you need to mix the tile adhesive well and adjust its viscosity for better contact with the wall or floor. During the construction process, attention should be paid to the even application of the adhesive and the correct adhesion of the tiles. This will ensure that the constructed coloured tile adhesive has good aesthetic effect and service life.

In conclusion, coloured tile adhesive is an important decorative material for fixing and beautifying coloured tiles.

Whether the colour paste or colour essence is added to the colour tile adhesive depends on factors such as the production process and market demand. Different choices of pigments will affect the quality, performance and colour effect of tile adhesive. Individual choice and whether the construction process is standardised will also affect the final result of the tile adhesive.