Advantages of external wall insulation system

1. Relatively high security

First of all, because the internal insulation is installed on the inner side of the base wall. In terms of safety, it has obvious advantages over building external insulation. The insulation layer is not affected by outdoor freezing and thawing and the invasion of negative wind pressure. The probability of cracking and falling off is greatly reduced. In recent years, the loss of people, money and things caused by the falling off of external insulation has been reported from time to time. Therefore, the building thermal insulation system can also be used as a solution for building thermal insulation in super high-rise buildings and areas with high negative wind pressure.

2. Construction is more convenient

Secondly, when using B1 grade insulation materials. The construction of the internal insulation system does not require a fire barrier. Construction is more convenient. And the construction of the internal thermal insulation system is concentrated within a range of storey heights. Construction does not require the use of scaffolding, hanging baskets, etc. Construction safety is better. Simultaneously due to indoor construction. Not affected by extreme weather such as outdoor wind, rain and high temperature. The construction period is easier to control.

3. Reduce costs

The advantages of internal thermal insulation system in construction also bring its advantages in cost. Insulation material of the same thickness. In the case of the same insulation structure. Internal insulation can reduce the cost by about 15% compared with external insulation. For real estate developers. Internal insulation not only reduces the cost per square meter. Same building. The total engineering quantity of internal insulation is also less than that of external insulation.

4. More energy-saving

Again, because the insulation layer in the building is located on the inside of the wall. The heat storage coefficient of the thermal insulation material is an order of magnitude lower than that of the base wall. It can quickly raise or lower the indoor temperature. For buildings with intermittent heating or cooling, it is more energy-efficient to use internal insulation systems.
Landcel specializes in the production of additives for exterior wall insulation. HPMC is used in external wall insulation systems. Can enhance adhesion, especially for EPS/XPS and mineral fiber boards. Increase cohesion. Improve surface wear resistance. Prevent cracking. Extended durability.
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