Production process of HPMC

Production process of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (3)

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3. The gas phase method (gas-solid method) production process of HPMC Add the pulverized cellulose fine powder into a horizontal reactor with a strong stirring device, directly add a certain amount of lye, etherifying agent and a small amount of recovered low Buddha point by-products, without adding an organic solvent. The etherification reaction was completed

Production process of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (1)

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There are many kinds of HPMC production processes, mainly including the following four. We will give you a brief introduction in four articles. 1. The production process of the alkali leaching method (step-by-step method) of hpmc Add the flaky cellulose that has not been pulverized into a special dipping machine, and conduct an alkalization reaction

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