admixtures are used for gypsum mortar

What admixtures are used for gypsum mortar?(4)

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7. Air-entraining agent Air-entraining agent, also known as foaming agent. It is mainly used in gypsum dry-mixed building materials such as gypsum insulation compound and plaster plaster. Air-entraining agents (foaming agents) help improve workability, crack resistance, frost resistance, and reduce bleeding and segregation. The dosage is generally 0.01% to 0.02%. 8. Defoamer Defoamers commonly uses

What admixtures are used for gypsum mortar?(2)

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4. Water retaining agent Gypsum dry-mix building materials are inseparable from water-retaining agents. To improve the water retention rate of gypsum product slurry is to ensure that water can exist in gypsum slurry for a long time. In this way, a good hydration hardening effect is obtained. Improve the constructability of gypsum powder building materials,

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