Additives that affect the properties of gypsum

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Additives that affect the properties of gypsum There are limitations to the improvement of gypsum slurry performance by a single admixture. If you want to achieve satisfactory performance of gypsum mortar and meet different application requirements. You need chemical admixtures, admixtures, fillers and multiple materials to complement each other and compound them scientifically and rationally.

How Additives Improve Mortar Performance?

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In engineering construction, some additives need to be added to improve construction efficiency and effect. Additive types Paul ready-mixed mortar additives, cellulose ether, retarder, redispersible latex powder, air-entraining agent, early strength agent, water reducer and other modified additives. These additives greatly improve the physical and mechanical properties of ready-mixed mortar. 1. Ready-mixed mortar additive The

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