Why should mortar have hydroxypropyl methylcellulose added? (1)

II. Traditional water retention methods

The traditional solution is to pour water onto the base. But this is unlikely to ensure that the base is evenly moistened in the right amount. The ideal hydration target for cement mortar on the substrate is that the hydration products of the cement accompany the process of water absorption by the substrate and penetrate into the substrate. This results in an effective ‘key-locked joint’ with the substrate, thus achieving the required bond strength.
Pouring water directly onto the surface of the substrate will cause the water absorption of the substrate to become seriously discrete depending on the temperature, time of day and uniformity of watering. The substrate absorbs less water and will continue to absorb water from the mortar. Before the hydration of the cement takes place, the water is absorbed. Which affects the hydration of the cement and the penetration of the hydration products into the substrate. If the water absorption of the substrate is high, the water in the mortar is slow to migrate to the substrate. And a water-rich layer is even formed between the mortar and the substrate, which also affects the bond strength.

So with the common method of watering the base, not only can it not effectively solve the problem of high water absorption in the base of the wall. Instead, it will affect the bonding strength of mortar and substrate, causing hollow drums and dry cracks.
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose in mortar

Ⅲ. the role of efficient water retention

The high water retention properties of mortar have a variety of advantages.
1. Excellent water retention properties make the mortar open longer. With the advantages of large area construction, barrel can be used for a long time, batch mixing batch use.
2. Good water retention properties make the cement in the mortar fully hydrated, effectively improving the bonding properties of the mortar.
3. The excellent water retention properties of the mortar make it less prone to segregation and water secretion, making it easier to work with and improve the workability of the mortar.
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