Tile adhesive

Tile adhesive is a material used to stick ceramic tiles, and is divided into ordinary, enhanced and super-strong types. Although tile adhesive is called “glue”, it is not actually “glue”. It is similar to our cement, both in powder form.
When using it, a certain amount of water needs to be added for preparation. The prepared tile adhesive will be in the form of a paste. When laying the tiles, first scrape the paste-like tile adhesive on the back of the tiles. Then scrape a layer on the walls and floor. Then press the tiles directly onto the wall and floor. After it dries, the tile paving is completed. So it can replace traditional cement mortar.

Tile back adhesive

Tile back adhesive often comes in buckets. It is very similar to “glue” and is in the form of milk. It does not need to be mixed with water and can be used immediately.
When using tile back adhesive, you need to use a brush to apply the tile back evenly on the back of the tile. After the adhesive on the tiles dries, we can then use the traditional cement mortar paving method to lay the tiles on the wall and floor.
Therefore, strictly speaking, it is not a bonding material. It is a treatment agent and cannot replace cement mortar. It still needs to be used in conjunction with cement mortar. It just adds a “transition layer” between the cement mortar and the ceramic tiles to strengthen the adhesion between the cement mortar and the ceramic tiles, making the cement mortar and ceramic tiles bond more firmly.

HPMC produced by landcel can effectively improve the viscosity and consistency of ceramic tile adhesive. HPMC with different viscosities can be customized according to needs.
Landcel HPMC for tile adhesive