The difference between putty and paint is: different concepts, different ingredients, different performance, different processing steps, and different usage methods.

The concept is different:

Paint is applied to the surface of the object to be protected or decorated to form a continuous film firmly attached to the object to be coated. Putty is a decorative material that smooths the surface of the wall. It is formulated with a small amount of binder, a large amount of filler and an appropriate amount of coloring pigment. Partially fill recessed work surfaces, usually applied to the underlying surface after the underlying layer is dry.

The composition is different:

The paint is based on resin, or oil or emulsion. Viscous liquid prepared with organic solvents or water. Putty is a kind of thick paste paint, which is composed of basic materials, fillers, water and additives.

Different performance:

The advantage of the coating is good hiding power. Hiding power is usually expressed in terms of the weight of paint required. To cover the predetermined black and white volume, the greater the weight, the smaller the covering power. The coating has the advantages of water resistance, alkali resistance, good scrub resistance, no peeling off of the coating when wet, various colors, and good decorative effect.

The processing steps are different:

Putty peeling is a method of supplementing or treating the wall with putty powder. Removes unevenness from the underlying surface of the wall. Lubricating and leveling the treated wall surface is an important part of the bottom layer treatment of the wall surface. The paint is applied on the primer or directly on the object to eliminate the concave and convex defects on the surface of the object to be coated. Usually, after drying the undercoat layer, it is applied on the surface of the undercoat layer. However, it requires good adhesion and no cracks during firing.

The method of use is different:

The use method of putty is to pour the concrete wall. However, due to various reasons, the flatness of the wall surface is poor, and the pores, honeycombs, pitted surfaces, and yin and yang angles are not smooth. The putty can be used to plan the convex part and fill the concave part. The method of using the paint is that the paint can be painted, rolled, or brushed. The paint film is good and the paint surface is uniform. But the paint bristles are not good, and it is easy to brush out marks, but it saves paint. The effect of roller coating and the amount of paint are in the middle of the two, and the construction is easy, so it is a more commonly used method.