Types and application areas of gypsum-based mortar

1. Ordinary gypsum mortar

Ordinary gypsum mortar is a slurry composed of gypsum powder, water reducing agent and a certain proportion of water. It has the characteristics of rapid drying, good ductility and convenient construction. It is suitable for indoor walls, ceilings, art decoration and other fields.

2. Lightweight gypsum mortar

Lightweight gypsum mortar is a mortar made by adding lightweight aggregates, expansion agents, etc. to ordinary gypsum mortar. It has good thermal insulation and sound insulation properties and can be used in lightweight partition walls, sound insulation walls, sound-absorbing ceilings and other fields.

3. Fireproof gypsum mortar

Fireproof gypsum mortar refers to mortar made by adding fireproof materials. It has excellent fire resistance, is not easy to burn, and does not produce harmful gases. It can be widely used in fire protection walls, fire partition walls, air duct insulation and other fields.

4. Self-leveling gypsum mortar

Self-leveling gypsum mortar refers to mortar made by adding self-leveling agent. It has excellent self-leveling performance and can quickly self-level on the horizontal surface. It is suitable for smoothing complex and curved walls, ceilings and floors.

5. Decorative gypsum mortar

Decorative gypsum mortar is a kind of material used for indoor and outdoor wall decoration, which is based on cement and gypsum mortar and added with decorative materials such as pigments.
It has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, crack-resistant, strong adhesion, and beautiful appearance, and is suitable for various wall decorations.
In short, gypsum-based mortar is a commonly used construction mortar. Only by choosing different types of gypsum mortar according to different needs and usage occasions can the best performance be achieved.
The cellulose ether produced by Landcel can be used in various types of gypsum mortar. It can significantly improve the consistency, viscosity and ease of construction. The main products are: HPMC, HEMC, HEC, CMC, RDP