In gypsum-based self-leveling construction, the main reasons for applying interface agent are as follows:
1. Sealing the base layer: The main function of the interface agent is to seal the base layer. Prevent the base layer from absorbing water, causing self-leveling to lose water too quickly and cause cracks.
2. Enhance bonding strength: The interface agent can enhance the bonding strength between the base layer and the self-leveling mortar layer. Thereby improving the overall performance of self-leveling.
3. Reduce the generation of bubbles: Applying interface agent can help reduce the generation of bubbles during self-leveling construction. Makes the self-leveling surface smoother.
4. Smooth base surface: The interface agent can fill in the slight unevenness on the gypsum base surface. Provide a flat base surface for the construction of self-leveling coatings. Conducive to the aesthetics and performance of self-leveling.
5. Prevent the penetration of facing materials: The interface agent can form an isolation layer. Reduce the erosion of finishing materials on the gypsum base surface. Ensure the beauty and stability of facing materials.
6. Improve construction efficiency: The use of interface agents can simplify the construction process of self-leveling coatings. Reduce process steps. Improve construction efficiency.
LANDCEL’s cellulose ether products can be used in self-leveling mortars and interface agents. It can effectively increase the viscosity and consistency and improve the ease of construction.