Question 1: What are the reasons and preventive measures for the phenomenon of hollowing or reduced adhesion of ceramic tiles after they are bonded?

Answer: First of all, we must check factors such as grassroots quality, product quality validity period, water distribution ratio, etc.
Then, when pasting, the phenomenon of hollowing or reduced adhesive force caused by the tile adhesive exceeding the drying time is addressed.
It should be noted that the tile adhesive should be pasted within the drying time, and the tile adhesive should be kneaded slightly when pasting to make the tile adhesive dense.
Aiming at the phenomenon of hollowing or decreased adhesion caused by adjustment after the adjustment time. Please note that in this case, readjustment is required. The tile adhesive should be removed first and then grouted again.
When pasting large decorative tiles, the amount of tile adhesive is insufficient. As a result, too much is pulled out during front and back adjustment, causing the glue to delaminate, causing hollowing or a decrease in bonding force.
It should be noted that when pre-paving, the amount of glue should be as accurate as possible. Use hammering to adjust the distance between the front and back. The thickness of the tile adhesive should not be less than 3mm. The pull-out adjustment distance is approximately 25% of the glue thickness.
In view of the situation where the weather is hot and dry and the scraping area is too large each time, causing water loss on the surface of part of the glue. The area of glue scraped each time should be reduced. When the tile adhesive has no viscosity when touched lightly with your hands, it should be scraped off and re-applied.
If the adjustment time is exceeded and forced adjustment is made, the pulp should be removed and replaced. If the tile adhesive is not thick enough, grouting is required.
Note: Adhesive that has set and hardened beyond its operable time. Do not add water or other substances to it, stir it before use.

Question 2: When cleaning the paper on the surface of ceramic tiles, what are the reasons and prevention measures for tiles falling off?

Answer: If this phenomenon is caused by premature cleaning, the cleaning should be delayed.
Tile adhesive must reach a certain strength before it can be cleaned.
If there is an urgent need to meet a deadline, it is recommended to use a quick-drying tile adhesive. Cleaning can be done at least 2 hours after the paving is completed.

Question 3 What should you pay attention to when pasting large-area ceramic tiles?

Answer: When pasting large-area ceramic tiles, you should pay attention to:
1) Paste the tile adhesive during the drying time.
2) Use enough glue at one time to prevent insufficient glue usage and the need for grouting.

Question 4 How to ensure the quality of soft clay bricks as a new decorative paving material?

Answer: The selected adhesive needs to be tested with the soft clay bricks. Use a strong tile adhesive for pasting.
LANDCEL produces additives for tile adhesives used in tile bonding.
Improve the construction effect of ceramic tile construction.