Notes on the use of cellulose ethers in putty powder.

Cellulose is commonly used in the fields of insulation mortar masterbatch, putty powder, asphalt roads and plaster products. It is used to improve and enhance the characteristics of building materials and to enhance the stability of production and construction suitability. Today, we would like to introduce you to the precautions caused by cellulose when using putty powder.

(1) Putty powder will become thinner the more it is stirred with water.

Cellulose is used as a thickener and water retainer in putty powders. The addition of cellulose to the putty powder also causes the putty to become thixotropic when mixed with water, as cellulose itself is thixotropic. These thixotropic properties are caused by the disruption of the loosely bound structures of the components of the putty powder. These structures are created at rest and disintegrate under stress.

(2) The putty is sinking during the scraping process.

This is usually due to the high viscosity of the cellulose used. The recommended amount of interior wall putty is 3-5 KG with a viscosity of 8-100,000.

(3) The viscosity of cellulose is not the same in winter as it is in summer.

When the temperature exceeds the gel temperature of cellulose, the cellulose will precipitate out of the water and the viscosity will be lost. It is recommended to choose a product with a higher viscosity or to increase the intake of cellulose in summer. Another is to choose products with high gel temperature, try not to use methyl cellulose in summer, its gel temperature is around 55 degrees, the temperature is slightly higher, its viscosity will be affected by the larger.

To sum up, cellulose is used in putty powder and other categories to improve liquidity, reduce density, good air permeability and excellent characteristics, green and environmentally friendly, is the best choice for our selection and use.

Landcel’s cellulose ethers are characterised by their high purity and wide range of viscosities. We can also product different types of cellulose ethers in putty powder. We can develop and produce cellulose with different viscosities according to different requirements. Welcome to contact us!