Measures to prevent wall cracks after interior wall plastering

Measures to prevent wall cracks:

1. After the masonry structure is completed, it is advisable to plaster it 60 days later, and it should not be less than 30 days. Time records must be kept for masonry construction. When plastering, it is generally done by laying first and then plastering. Lay later and then plaster.
2. The fineness modulus of sand shall not be less than 2.5, and it is forbidden to use fine sand mixed with mortar for plastering.
3. Anti-cracking nets must be laid at the junction of different material substrates and after the wall is grooved. When the frame filling wall is made of concrete hollow blocks, gray sand bricks, fly ash bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and other materials. The plastering of the three layers of walls from the top layer to the bottom shall take measures to fully lay galvanized steel wire mesh.
4. The positions of the joints of different plastering layers should be staggered. Set in the middle of concrete beams and concrete columns.
5. For plastering surfaces such as construction openings and reserved openings, 30cm alkali-resistant mesh cloth should be pasted at the junction of reserved openings.