HEC(Hydroxyethyl cellulose) is used as an additive in various aspects. This article briefly introduces the main characteristics of HEC.


Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is an ideal thickener for paints and cosmetics. In practical application, the combination of its thickening property, suspending property, safety, dispersibility and water retention will produce more ideal effect.


Pseudoplasticity is the property that the viscosity of the solution decreases with the increase of the rotational speed. The latex paint containing HEC is easy to apply with a brush or roller and can increase the smoothness of the surface, which can also increase work efficiency. The shampoo containing HEC has good fluidity and is very viscous, easy to dilute, and easy to disperse.

Salt tolerance

HEC is very stable in high-concentration salt solution and will not decompose into ionic state. Applied in electroplating, it can make the surface of plated parts more complete and brighter. More noteworthy is the application of latex paints containing borates, silicates and carbonates, and still has good viscosity.

Film forming

The film-forming property of HEC can be applied in many industries. In papermaking operations, coating a glazing agent containing HEC can prevent oil penetration and can be used to prepare solutions for other aspects of papermaking; in the textile process, HEC can increase the elasticity of fibers and reduce mechanical damage to them . During fabric sizing and dyeing and finishing, HEC can act as a temporary protective film, and when its protection is not needed, it can be washed away from the fiber with water.

Water retention

HEC is beneficial to keep the water in the system in an ideal state. Because a small amount of HEC in the aqueous solution can achieve a good water retention effect, which reduces the water demand for the system when batching. Without water retention and adhesion, cement mortar will reduce its strength and cohesion, and clay will also reduce its plasticity under certain pressure.

The above are some main performance of HEC. Landcel is a professional manufacturer of HEC. The product quality is stable and sold all over the world, welcome to inquire.