Landcel introduces mortar knowledge to you.

1. Is the longer the plastic preservation time of the wet-mixed mortar, the better?

Definitely not, too long plastic retention time will reduce the quality of cement and affect the strength level of mortar. The plastic preservation time of wet-mixed mortar should meet the scope of workers’ construction requirements. It is recommended to use the material on the same day, and avoid using overnight ash and tailings. It is easy to cause mortar quality accidents.

2. How to use the wet-mixed mortar density meter

1) Weigh out the weight of the volumetric cylinder before the experiment. Fill the volumetric cylinder with the mortar mixture and have a slight surplus. Add mortar to full, using the tamping or vibrating method.

2) Scrape off the excess mortar at the mouth of the bulk density cylinder. Make the surface even. Then wipe the outer wall of the volumetric cylinder clean. Weigh out the total weight of the mortar and the volumetric cylinder, accurate to 5g.

3. What is masonry mortar

Mortar used for masonry bricks, stones, blocks and other massive building materials. Masonry mortar can be used to bond various bricks. Red clay bricks with low water absorption and lime-sand bricks with strong water absorption and aerated lightweight concrete bricks play the role of building masonry and transmitting loads, and are important for masonry.

4. What is plastering mortar

Mortar applied to the surface of a building or the surface of a building to be applied to a wall at a specified thickness. Plastering wet-mixed mortar requires good workability, easy to plaster into a uniform and flat thin layer, easy to construct, and has high cohesive force.

5. Matters needing attention in mortar pool

The place where the mortar is piled up should not be exposed to rain, do not mix with water, do not absorb water, and the top should be treated to prevent rain and sun.

6. Construction technical requirements

The wet-mixed mortar should be used as soon as possible when it arrives at the construction site. Transfer to each construction floor, because the long-term static state outside the mortar will cause the loss of setting time. Especially in summer, high temperature weather and direct sunlight will cause the mortar to lose moisture. The mortar is transferred to each construction floor to reduce the direct impact of the outdoor environment on the mortar, which can keep the mortar for a longer period of time and have good constructability.

7. Water treatment

For walls with strong water absorption, special attention should be paid to the wall treatment on the first day. Walls with low water absorption should also be showered strongly. To ensure that there is enough moisture stored in the wall.