A question about opening hours

1. Opening time refers to the usable time of mortar (the period from mortar production to the time when mortar begins to lose workability).
2. The construction performance and strength of mortar will not change when used during the opening hours.
The workability of mortar after its opening time deteriorates. It is necessary to add a lot of water and stir again before the construction can be carried out. At this time, the mortar on the wall will produce a lot of plastic cracks and its strength will also become worse.
3. If the opening time is too short. The mortar on the construction site will lose its construction performance and even dry out before it is used up, resulting in waste.
4. Admixtures are the main additives for adjusting the opening time of mortar.
The greater the amount of admixture, the longer the opening time of the mortar. Normally most construction sites close at 18:00. The opening hours of the mortar should be adjusted to 20 p.m., which can meet the usage requirements of most construction sites.
The actual opening time of the construction site is 6 to 10 hours shorter than the setting time of the mortar. It varies according to the actual temperature and humidity of the construction site. If the construction site has special requirements, the formula amount of the admixture should be adjusted accordingly.
5. When the temperature is high, the amount of admixtures in the mortar should be increased accordingly.
When the temperature is low, the dosage of mortar should be reduced accordingly (the technical department will provide different formula tables according to different seasons).
6. Different varieties or brands of cement will also have an impact on the opening time. When applying different grades of cement, a mortar trial mixing experiment is required.
The cellulose ether products produced by Landcel can be used as mortar admixtures. Effectively extend opening hours. And different products can adapt to different construction temperatures. Welcome to consult.