Hydroxyethyl cellulose to make water-based paint (2)

1. Add directly during production – this method is simpler and takes less time.

Add directly when grinding the pigment: This method is simple and takes a short time. The detailed steps are as follows:
(1) Add appropriate purified water into the large bucket of the high-shear mixer (generally, ethylene glycol, wetting agent and film-forming agent are added at this time).
(2) Start stirring continuously at low speed and slowly add hydroxyethyl cellulose.
(3) Continue stirring until all particles are soaked.
(4) Add antifungal agent, PH regulator, etc.
(5) Stir until all the hydroxyethyl cellulose is completely dissolved (the viscosity of the solution increases significantly) before adding other components in the formula, and grind until the paint is formed.

2. Equipped with mother liquor

It is first prepared as a mother liquor with a higher concentration, and then added to the product. The advantage of this method is that it has greater flexibility and can be directly added to the finished product, but it must be properly stored. The steps of this method are similar to most of the steps in method 1; the difference is that there is no need for a high-shear agitator, and only some agitators with sufficient power to keep the hydroxyethyl cellulose uniformly dispersed in the solution can be continued without stopping Stir until completely dissolved into a viscous solution. However, it should be noted that the fungicide must be added to the mother liquor as soon as possible.